1 Now, my children, I exhort each of you love his brother. Drive hatred out of your hearts. Love one another in deed and word and inward thoughts.

2 For when I stood before my father I would speak peaceable about Yosĕph, but when I went out, the spirit of hatred darkened my mind and aroused my soul to kill him.

3 Love one another from the heart, therefore, and if anyone sins against you, speak to him in peace. Expel the venom of hatred, and do not harbor deceit in your heart. If anyone confesses and repents, forgive him.

4 But if he deny it, do not get into a passion with him, lest catching the poison from you he take to swearing and so you would be sinning doubly.

5 In a dispute do not let an outsider hear your secrets, since out of hatred for you he may become your enemy, and commit a great sin against you. He may talk to you frequently but treacherously, or be much concerned with you, but for an evil end.

6 Even if he denies it and acts disgracefully out of a sense of guilt, be quiet and do not become upset. For he who denies may repent, and avoid offending you again; indeed he will honor you, will respect you and be at peace.

7 But even if he is devoid of shame and persists in his wickedness, forgive him from the heart and leave vengeance to Elohim.