1 And as I was going to my father, I found a brass/brazen shield. Thus the name of the mountain is Aspis, which is near Geḇal to the right of Aḇima.

2 And I guarded these words in my heart.

3 Then I advised my father and Re’uḇĕn that they tell the sons of Ḥamor that they should be circumcised, because I was filled with zeal on account of the abominable thing they had done to my sister.

4 And I destroyed Sheḵem first, and Shim’on destroyed Ḥamor.

5 Then my brother came and destroyed that city by the sword.

6 When my father heard of this he was angry and sorrowful, because they had received circumcision and died, and so he passed us by in his beraḵah.

7 But I saw that Elohim’s sentence was ‘Guilty,’ because they had wanted to do the same thing to Sarah and Rebecca that they did to Dinah, our sister. But 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 prevented them.

8 They persecuted Aḇraham when he was a nomad, and they harassed his flocks when they were pregnant, and they grossly mistreated Eblaen, who had been born in this house.

9 This is how they treated the nomadic people, seizing their wives and murdering them.

10 But the wrath of Elohim ultimately came upon them.