YOSĔPH 13 (Joseph 13)

1 Potiphar believed her words, ordered the trader to come, and said to him, What is this I hear about you, that you steal persons from the land of Kena’an and sell them as slaves?

2 The trader fell at his feet and besought him saying, I pray you, my master, I do not know what you are saying.

3 Potiphar said to him, Where is this Iḇri from, then? And he said, The Yishma’ĕlites left him with me until they return.

4 But he did not believe the trader and ordered that he be stripped and beaten.

5 But since he persisted in his statements, Potiphar said, Bring in the young man. When I entered I prostrated myself before Potiphar, for he was third in rank among Pharaoh’s officers.

6 And taking me aside from the trader he said to me, Are you a slave or a freeman?

7 I said to him, A slave. He said, Of whom? I replied, Of the Yishma’ĕlites.

8 He said, How did you become a slave? And I said, They bought me out of the land of Kena’an.

9 But he said to me, You are lying, and immediately he ordered that I also be stripped and whipped.