YOSĔPH 14 (Joseph 14)

1 The Memphian woman was watching through the doors as they beat me, for her residence was nearby. So she sent a message to him. Your sentence is unjust, because you have punished as a wrongdoer someone who, though a freeman, was stolen.

2 But since I did not change my statement while they were beating me, he ordered me to be imprisoned until, he said, the masters of the servant boy arrive.

3 But the woman said to her husband, Why do you detain in bonds this young man who, though a captive, is well-born?

4 Rather he should be set free and attended to by my servants. She wanted to see me by reason of her sinful passion, but I was ignorant of all these things.

5 He said to her, It is not proper for Mitsrites to take away what belongs to others before the evidence has been presented. He said this concerning the trader, but the young man he kept incarcerated.