YOSĔPH 16 (Joseph 16)

1 The Memphian woman said to her husband, buy the young man, for I hear it said that they are selling him.

2 Immediately she sent a eunuch to the Yishma’ĕlites, requesting them to sell me.

3 But the eunuch was not willing to buy me and came away after testing them out. He told his mistress that they were asking a great deal of money for the boy.

4 She sent the eunuch back again and told him, Even if they are asking two minas; offer it. Do not be sparing of the gold; just buy the boy and bring him to me.

5 The eunuch went and gave them eighty pieces of gold and took me away, but he told the Mitsrite woman he had paid a hundred. Although I knew the facts, I kept quiet in order not to bring the eunuch under disgrace.