YOSĔPH 17 (Joseph 17)

1 So you see, my children, how many things I endured in order not to bring my brothers into disgrace.

2 Do you also, therefore, love one another, and with long-suffering hide one anothers faults.

3 Elohim is delighted by harmony among brothers and by the intention of a kind heart that takes pleasure in goodness.

4 When my brothers came to Mitsrayim they learned that I had returned their money to them, that I did not scorn them, and that I sought to comfort them.

5 After the death of Ya’aqoḇ, my father, I loved them beyond measure, and everything he had wanted for them I did abundantly on their behalf.

6 I did not permit them to be troubled by the slightest matter, and everything I had under my control I gave to them.

7 Their sons were mine, and mine were as their servants; their life was as my life, and every pain of theirs was my pain; every ailment of theirs was my sickness; their wish was my wish.

8 I did not exalt myself above them arrogantly because of my worldly position of glory, but I was among them as one of the least.