YOSĔPH 9 (Joseph 9)

1 Many times she sent messages to me saying, Acquiesce in fulfilling my desire, and I will release you from the fetters and liberate you from the darkness.

2 Not even in my mind did I yield to her, for Elohim loves him who in a den of wickedness combines fasting with chastity, rather than the man who in sovereigns’ chambers combines luxury with license.

3 If a man strives for self-control and at the same time desires glory – and the Most High knows that it is appropriate for him – He brings it about for him, even as He did for me.

4 How often, as though she were ill, she came down at odd hours and listened to my voice as I prayed! When I was aware of her groaning, I fell silent.

5 For when I had been with her in her house, she would bare her arms, thighs and breasts so that I might lie with her. For she was wholly beautiful and splendidly decked out to entice me, but 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 protected me from her manipulations.