1 These are the fruits of the Elohim of the Ruaḥoth : enlightenment whereby a man can perceive the Ways of Elohim to walk therein, discernment to know the good from the evil, reverence for the name of Deity and consciousness of the approaching judgments of Elohim, humility, patience, abundant charity, love of righteousness, vision, wisdom, trust, faith, confidence in the power of the Almighty Elohim, knowledge, self-mastery, sanctity, pure thoughts, abounding love for all who follow the truth, purity, modesty and the ability to hide within oneself the secrets of Elohim which one has received.

2 All these things come unto men in this world through communion with the Ruaḥ of truth.

3 All those who walk in that path which is set before them by the Ruaḥ of truth shall receive health in their navel and marrow to their bones and shall find wisdom and hidden treasures of knowledge.

4 These shall inherit eternal lives, even the continuation of the seeds forever and ever, worlds without end.

5 Eternal shall be their bireḵoth and everlasting their joy in the realms of glory, for they shall be crowned with light and robed in glory and shall dwell in everlasting burnings in the presence of our Elohim.