1 With the wicked it is not so, for the fruits of wickedness are greed, malice, falsehood, pride, presumption, deception, guile, insolence, unrighteous anger, folly, arrogance, lewdness, unchastity, blasphemies, selfishness, blindness of the eyes, deafness of the ears, stiffness of neck and hardness of heart.

2 Such men walk entirely in the ways of darkness and all their works are evil and abominable in the eyes of Elohim.

3 Those who walk in the paths of evil shall receive a multitude of afflictions at the hands of the qodesh messengers.

4 These are the sons of Perdition who are subject to the wrath of Elohim through all eternity.

5 Eternal horror is their end and perpetual reproach, even the disgrace of final annihilation in the fire, for they shall dwell in outer darkness until their end which is extinction without remnant or survival and after this, their lot no man knoweth nor is it revealed to any man save those who are made partakers thereof.