1 After these things happened, Elohim said to Aḏam, “You asked Me for something from the garden to be comforted with, and I have given you these three tokens as a consolation to you so that you trust in Me and in My Covenant with you.

2 For my Bĕn will come and save you and when He is in the flesh, sovereigns shall bring Him gold, incense, and myrrh. Gold is a token of My reign, incense is a token of My divinity, and myrrh is a token of My Bĕn’s suffering and of My Bĕn’s death.

3 But, Aḏam, put these by you in the cave, the gold so that it may shine light over you by night, the incense so that you smell its sweet savor, and the myrrh to comfort you in your sorrow.”

4 When Aḏam heard these words from Elohim, he worshipped before Him. He and Ḥawwah worshipped Him and gave Him thanks because He had dealt mercifully with them.

5 Then Elohim commanded the three messengers, Miḵa’ĕl, Gaḇri’ĕl and Rapha’ĕl each to bring what he had brought and give it to Aḏam. And they did so, one by one.

6 And Elohim commanded Suriy’ĕl and Salathi’ĕl to bear up Aḏam and Ḥawwah, and bring them down from the top of the high mountain, and to take them to the Cave of Treasures.

7 There they laid the gold on the south side of the cave, the incense on the eastern side, and the myrrh on the western side. For the mouth of the cave was on the north side.

8 The messengers then comforted Aḏam and Ḥawwah, and departed.

9 The gold was seventy rods. The incense was twelve pounds, and the myrrh was three pounds.

10 These remained by Aḏam in the Cave of Treasures, in the House of Treasures; therefore was it called ‘Cave of Concealment.’ And it was called the ‘Cave of Treasures,’ by reason of the bodies of righteous men that were in it.

11 Elohim gave these three things to Aḏam on the third day after he had come out of the garden as a sign of the three days 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤔𐤏 should remain in the heart of the earth.

12 And these three things, as they continued with Aḏam in the cave, gave him light by night, and by day they gave him a little relief from his sorrow.