1 When Shĕth heard these words he was amazed, and began to believe Satan’s treacherous speech, and said to him, “You said there is another world created other than this one, and there are other creatures more beautiful than the creatures that are in this world?”

2 And Satan said, “Yes; you have heard me correctly, and I will tell you more good things about them and their ways.”

3 But Shĕth said to him, “Your words have amazed me, and your beautiful description of it all.

4 “But I cannot go with you today, at least not until I have gone to my father Aḏam and to my mother Ḥawwah, and told them all you have said to me. Then if they give me permission to go with you, I will come.”

5 Shĕth said, “I am afraid of doing anything without my father’s and mother’s permission. I do not want to perish like my brother Qayin, and like my father Aḏam, who transgressed the Commandment of Elohim. But, you know your way to this place, so come and meet me here tomorrow.”

6 When Satan heard this, he said to Shĕth, “If you tell your father Aḏam what I have told you, he will not let you come with me.

7 But listen to me, do not tell your father and mother what I have said to you. Instead, come with me today. Come now to our world where you will see beautiful things and enjoy yourself there, and celebrate this day among my children, watching them and taking your fill of happiness; and have joy there. Then I shall bring you back to this place tomorrow. However, if you would rather stay there with me, so be it.”

8 Then Shĕth answered, “The hope of my father and of my mother, hangs on me and if I hide from them one day, they will die, and Elohim will hold me guilty of sinning against them.

9 “And if they know that I have come to this place they assume it is to bring up my offering, and they would expect not to be separated from me one hour. Neither should I go to any other place unless they let me. But they treat me most kindly, because I always come back to them quickly.”

10 Then Satan said to him, “What will happen to you if you were to disappear from them one night, and return to them at break of day?”

11 But Shĕth, when he saw how he kept on talking, and that he would not leave him alone, he ran and went up to the altar, and spread his hands to Elohim, and sought deliverance from Elohim.

12 Then Elohim sent His Word, and cursed Satan, who fled from Him.

13 But Shĕth had gone up to the altar, saying in his heart. “The altar is the place of offering, and Elohim is there. A divine fire shall consume what is on it and so Satan will be unable to hurt me, and shall not take me away from here.”

14 Then Shĕth came down from the altar and went to his father and mother, whom he found on his way and who were longing to hear his voice, because he had been missing a while.

15 He then began to tell them what had befallen him from Satan, under the form of a messenger.

16 But when Aḏam heard his account, he kissed his face, and warned him against that messenger, telling him it was Satan who appeared to him. Then Aḏam took Shĕth, and they went to the Cave of Treasures and rejoiced there.

17 But from that day on Aḏam and Ḥawwah were never separated from him wherever he went, whether for his offering or for anything else.

18 This sign happened to Shĕth, when he was nine years old.